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Members Registration

In order for customers to get special pricing and access to our line of Law or Military grade products, you must be registered and verified as a member of the Guardian Protective Device website. We do this by verifying your agency name and phone number and your employment at this location.

Step 1. Register to the store by going to this link: Register Here.

Step 2. After you have supplied your email address and password and then click submit, you will be requested to fill out your Address details. You must fill this out accurately, and include the two specific fields for your Law Enforcement, or Militrary Agency name and phone number in order for us to verify this information.

We will be notified of your new registration and membership level request. We will verify your information and if it all checks out, we will approve your account and membership level. You will receive an email letting you know of your membership approval. This will give you access to the line of products available specifically to your membership level the next time you log in.